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Our Pitmaster

Pitmaster Jimmy Cheang

When you meet Pitmaster Jimmy Cheang, you get the feeling that there’s more to him that meets the eye. He seems calm, collected and with a gentle disposition but mention the word barbecue and watch the fire in his eyes light up and with right authority. Pitmaster Jimmy is Singapore’s only Kansas city trained pitmaster in Singapore.

With humility and genuine curiosity, Pitmaster Jimmy Cheang embarked on a journey in 2009 to explore a renowned aspect of American cuisine – American Barbeque. Amazed by how different it was from the Singaporean direct heat grilling method, Jimmy travelled to the United States and trained under two multi-award winning and renowned pitmasters.

He especially enjoys the process of preparing the meat for barbeque – he uses a technique that injects the marinade into the meat and applies a special dry rub before placing them into a smoker with fruitwood set on a low temperature for a long duration. Pitmaster Jimmy is also a qualified Kansas City Barbecue judge and yes that makes him the authority on all things barbecue at Smokehse.