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SmokeHse Brisket Feast by Esseplore
SmokeHse Brisket Feast (4-6pax)
Soft Brioche Buns by Esseplore
Coleslaw by Esseplore
Corn on the Cob by Esseplore
Garden Salad by Esseplore
Smoked Pumpkin Soup by Esseplore


SmokeHse Brisket Feast (4-6pax)

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A Beef Brisket is one dish that is homely and gourmet. We turn this delicious dish into a savoury feast just for you! Enjoy this grand BBQ spread at home with mouth-watering sides that pair incredibly well with our tender brisket in this menu curated by Kansas City-trained pitmaster

Beef Brisket (cooked weight: ~1.5kg)


Soft Brioche Buns (8 pcs)
Coleslaw (250g)
Corn on the Cob (2 pcs)
Garden Salad (150g)

Smoked Pumpkin Soup (4 x 250ml)

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  • Superb - B. Xavier
  • Great! Without doubt the best smoked BBQ in SG. Brisket had deep flavours and was well marbled. Loved it all - E. Yong
  • Delivery and food were genuinely very good for my first time try. Would do it again next entertainment. Beef brisket odour a wee bit high but taste good. Pork ribs, potatoes and octopus very nice and juicy. 9.5 out of 10 - E. Raj
  • Excellent!!! The brisket was juicy and tender and so were the ribs! My family loved the offering absolutely! Would love for other family members and friends to try it. Well done Chef and team! - B.A Sin