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Smokehse CNY BBQ Bundle (4pax)
Smokehse CNY BBQ Bundle (4pax)
Smokehse CNY BBQ Bundle (4pax)
Smokehse CNY BBQ Bundle (4pax)

Chef Jimmy Cheang

Smokehse CNY BBQ Bundle (4pax)

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Celebrate the year of the tiger the Smokehouse way! It doesn't have the usual traditional dishes, but it does guarantee some good feasting.


Chef's Special Honey Glazed St. Louis Pork Ribs (raw weight: 1.2kg)
Imported pork spare ribs are coated with our special in-house honey glaze and the chef's special dry rub overnight. It is smoked with American applewood and glazed with 14-ingredient homemade smoque BBQ sauce to a tender finish so that the meat can be pulled off the bone easily but will not fall off.

BBQ Octopus (cooked weight: 150g)
Fresh octopus tentacles tenderised and infused with the Chef's homemade BBQ sauce and char-grilled to perfection. In this meaty octopus recipe, the collagen-rich flesh develops bold flavours that complement its crispy charred texture and makes a delicious meal.

Chef KT Yeo's Signature Double Prosperity Lo-Hei (双喜捞起)
Handcrafted yusheng made with a variety of shredded premium vegetables, slices of smoked salmon, and a tangy plum sauce, ready for your prosperity toss. Chef KT Yeo's Yusheng is a delicious way to invoke hope and good fortune for the future.


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